Apr. 3, 2019

Black History It's More Than A Month, Or A Year, It's A Lifetime Of Black Consciousness

Today, I want to celebrate black history not the month, nor the year but every aspect of our black historical journey. Why? Because today is the day that one of the world's greatest historians joined fruited fields of our many illustrious elders who paved the way with their sacrifices to make a way sometimes as the spiritual song states empathically out of no way.

Carter G. Woodson believed in the power of knowledge of our black historical journey and how comprehending those historical events beyond just remembering dates and names could forge paths towards substantive black community growth. Carter Woodson made it his life's mission to create pathways to higher black learning that acknowledged the magnificence of the journey of the black man. He understood wholeheartedly within the deepest recesses of his soul the importance that every black child was given the complete story of his or her history. 
Carter G. Woodson wanted us to think beyond the slave ships that masked our glorious African past. Knowing full well that white supremacy had attempted to place a dark blanket of ignorance about the multiple cultures on our Mother African continent. Our ancestors were forbidden from bringing those features of African greatness to the shores of the United States. Slavery's goal was to erase any element that humanity and excellence existed in our elders' lives. It worked because the plan was systemic, ugly, divisive, cruel, hateful, terroristic, and of course inhumane.  
Why would anyone so ugly want to shield one's own history away from them? Because the white power brokers of that period knew that if they allowed historical knowledge of our ancestors African past to blossom. So would the consciousness of independence and self-belief that wouldn't allow the enslavement of our ancestors to continue. You cannot enslave any man who knows and understands the greatness that dwells within him. Carter G. Woodson was born a decade after the emancipation of our black men and women in 1875. He was born into a nation that was about to allow Black Reconstruction to drift away with the rebirth of the Crows, Jim, and Jane.
As he took his life journey it led Carter G. Woodson to this understanding, in order for his black brothers and sisters to be able to hold their heads high and not crumble under the weight of righteous injustice. They each had to be prepared intellectually with a knowledge of their own black historically journey. Initially, only basic knowledge to seed the black mind but eventually moving to a more complex conscious understanding of that black historical journey. The story that begins in with the origin of man through the great African civilizations, through the Middle Passage, to the building of the United States and the wealth that gave it the power to dominate the world, and finally to how the entire black historical journey ties the knot on today's history. The late Dr. Manning Marable discussed the concept of living black history and how we all must have the innate ability to link events in the past with events present day and future events.
That is exactly what Carter G. Woodson strived for in his life. How disappointed would Dr. Woodson be that so many in our black communities know very little about their own history? That they cannot comprehend the greatness that resides in each one of us's fiber linking each of us to the billions and billions of black ancestors that paved that path we're walking today. Would we as black brothers and sisters cherish our own more if we could intellectually comprehend that historical linkage? So, today on the 69th year that Carter G. Woodson fruited the fields of our incredible black historical journey. I ask that we all use whatever black historical resources that are available to gain that black complex comprehensive conscious understanding that Carter G. Woodson wanted each and every black person to own.