Apr. 4, 2019

Michael Jordan's Age 35 Season Was Incredible What Will LeBron James's Age 35 Season Look Like?

Just The Facts: MJ
Prognosticate: LJ
Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James
Age 35 Season
Michael Jordan during the season he turned 35 (1997-98) won the league's Most Valuable Player's award. MJ's Chicago Bulls team was on the backend of the 3-peat NBA Championship roll. MJ also delivered a scoring average of 28.7 points per game. MJ played in all 82 games that season, that included back to back games thrilling audiences in every league arena that season. In addition to all those accomplishments, MJ also averaged 38.8 minutes per night on the basketball court during the regular season. To top that season off during the NBA Playoff Michael Jordan averaged 32 points in 21 games. MJ play 42 out of 48 minutes in those 21 playoff games in 1998. MJ added a cherry on top of the ice cream by winning the MVP in the playoffs as well. During the regular season, the Chicago Bulls won 62 games and lost 20.
It is no question that Michael Jordan's age 35 season was indeed the most successful age 35 season ever for any NBA player in the history of professional basketball.
This coming NBA season LeBron James will turn 35 in December 2019. Let's have a little fun how do you think LeBron's age 35 season will stack up against MJ's? We already know that coming into Michael Jordan's age 35 season his Chicago Bulls team had just won consecutive NBA Titles. So already MJ is ahead of Lebron in that aspect of team accomplishments since LeBron James's Los Angeles Lakers team will not even be playoff bound this year. So to all my social media and blog followers let's guesstimate what you think next season's Lebron James statistics will look like?
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