Apr. 6, 2019


The Blackman Who Reads Aloud reflecting on the events that occurred on April 6, 1968, the murder of Bobby Hutton in Oakland California. We must never forget the violent injustice that permeated our black communities, communities that were havens for acts of criminality by agents of law enforcement agencies. Was Bobby Hutton killed because of his crimes or because of​ Bobby Hutton was a direct threat to the system of white supremacy​?

​Lil' Bobby Hutton was only 17 years old when the Oakland Police Department assassinated him on April 6, 1968. Bobby Hutton was killed merely two days after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered by the U.S. government. Known for being the first known recruit of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, Bobby Hutton was a charismatic young black man who never really had the chance to fully emerge as the leader of the black freedom movement. Bobby Hutton served as the Party’s treasurer during his short tenure in the Black Panther Party.

Bobby Hutton was just one of the hundreds of young African Americans that would join the Panthers or engage in other revolutionary organizing activities during the height of the Black Liberation struggle. Bobby Hutton is an iconic figure in our magnificent black history, but during the height of the Black Revolution, he wasn’t an anomaly. Young African Americans throughout the country during the late ‘60s fearlessly participated in the revolutionary struggle, up until the point that the U.S. government initiated an assault on our movement towards black progress. It is important that our young black people never forget the ultimate sacrifice that Bobby Hutton gave because in his young life he sought a triumph for all our black communities.​