Apr. 7, 2019

Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom

The next book on coming to The Blackman Read Aloud Hour on Facebook Live is Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom. The reading project that focuses on sharing the incredible history of our black ancestors. The 5 stars that are the keys to unlocking our black communities greatness that my fraternal organization, Iota Phi Theta Fraternity focuses and should be abundant in everyone's life are brotherhood, leadership, scholarship, citizenship, and fidelity.

The purpose of my read-aloud program is centered around building foundations around these stars to promote progress in our black communities every day. It is my sincere desire to enhance the historical knowledge of every member of our black communities by offering these read alouds not only to elevate learning but also focus attention on building comprehending strategic black readers of all ages.

Frederick Douglass was a self-taught black man who refused to be illiterate, refused to succumb to the cruelty of enslavement, and wanted to ensure freedom for every one of his black brothers and sisters. So join me on my reading journey as I read aloud Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom, written by David Blight (2018).

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