Apr. 9, 2019

Paul Robeson's 121st Birthday The Immaculate Black Man

Paul Robeson should be one of the most revered individuals in the history of the United States. By America standards of historical excellence and measurement, Paul Robeson would stand in a company of few regarding achievements in one's life. Paul Robeson was intellectually gifted, physically gifted, born with a singing voice that could shake mountains. Paul Robeson basically knew no equal in any room he entered. He was as comfortable in a room filled with international leaders and dignitaries, as well the common laborer, and the oppressed masses.

Paul Robeson spoke 20 languages, had Paul Robeson's clone lived during this period of time. Paul certainly would've been elected the first multi-lingual black President of the United States, However, Paul Robeson wasn't born in this period of history. Paul Robeson was born during a period when the oppression of black people no matter how gifted was at its highest peak in this nation. For Paul Robeson to be fully appreciated he would have to cross mighty oceans to get the respect he so rightfully deserved. Loved and admired in almost every European nation Paul Robeson was despised and hated in the country of his birth.

You see​ , Paul Robeson was a black man​ who refused to shuffle along and be that acceptable negro. The pride that his ancestors built into his human fiber would not allow Paul Robeson to the happy go lucky negro. He just couldn't be that negro who accepted his fate and the fate of his people by simply pocketing the monies and bowing to visible oppression. That personal black pride in need to lift up his black brothers and sisters along with the multitude of oppressed people throughout the world made Paul Robeson the targeted enemy of the United States government and all of its agents. In Paul Robeson's life the State Department, FBI, CIA, Congress, Judicial Branch, US Military Intelligence and the Executive Branch of the United States would initiate plans to destroy this man, Paul Robeson, simply because of his strong beliefs and skin color.

Paul Robeson was proud of his blackness. Paul never hid from his blackness nor hide from his black heritage. Paul enjoyed learning about the many communities around the world. That is the reason Paul Robeson took to learning multiple languages. His social media reach spanned many thousands of miles as well as millions upon millions of people. Paul Robeson also demanded that white America respect every man, woman, ​and child no matter their race, creed, or economic standing. That demand was a true problem for the race haters who saw negroes as second-class citizens.

It was also that philosophy of Paul Robeson during the era of Jim Crow, The Red Scare, and shuffling to get along negroes that put Paul Robeson on the wrong side of American justice. So, this brilliant​ man who mastered 20 languages and whose voice was a gift from God was erased by white historians due to his stands on human justice. You wanna talk about personal sacrifice well Paul Robson sacrificed his singing earning career to stand for human justice. You wanna talk about being an identifiable​ threat by the US Government? Well, Paul Robeson was poisoned by our government to silence his powerful voice. Even the NAACP that on this date October 18, 1945,​ awarded Paul Robeson The Spingarn Medal, it's the ​highest award for individual black achievement. The NAACP ran for cover because of the ill-conceived damage that Paul Robeson could bring to the organization's fundraising​ efforts. The NAACP cast Paul Robeson aside because they didn't want the power of the United States government coming down on them.

​So, today, The Blackman Who Reads Aloud will read from two speeches given by Paul Robeson. The first speech, Paul Robeson gave as a 21-year-old valedictorian​ in 1919 at Rutgers University. The second speech, Paul Robeson gave as a 54-year-old black man. Paul Robeson's historical greatness has almost been erased by Americans of both races because of Paul Robeson's bold stances for human justice. Today's black communities mustn't allow history to erase the majesty of Paul Robeson. Paul Robeson's greatness and many of our ancestors who stood against the tide of injustice must not be forgotten. The dimmed light of ignorance will eventually be replaced by the sunlight of absolute knowledge.