Apr. 12, 2019

400 Years: Still Waiting for REPARATIONS

400 years since that Jamestown Landing and still we wait;
waiting while being chained and whipped;
waiting while our justice is never untangled;
waiting while our black bodies were mangled;
waiting while getting denied direct action;
waiting while getting all sorts of lethal action;
waiting while getting treacherous Jim Crow'ed action;
waiting while receiving economic inaction;
waiting while getting fed drug-induced reaction;
waiting while doing overseas military action;
waiting and coming home from those wars without rights action;
waiting for misplaced affirmative action;
waiting while getting little or no judicial action;
waiting and receiving constant police state murderous action;
waiting, time’s up for waiting for your promised constitutional action;
waiting, no, time that we must take personal action;
waiting, no, times up, rebuild our cities and schools action;
stop waiting for someone’s false promised action;
waiting, no, otherwise we stay stuck in a state of perpetual inaction;
wait no longer it's time for real strategic, creative balancing the scale of justice action;
wait no longer the time is ripe for truth, economic, social and racial equality action;
400 years since that Jamestown Landing and no longer will we wait;
finally, reparations time has come so how about right now demand political action;
400 years is enough time for African Americans waiting