Apr. 24, 2019

The Insane Privilege of White Gentrifiers

Today, I am writing about the insanity of white gentrifiers who gentrify back into the urban area with a sense that they are doing the communities they move back into some glorious favor. They seem to feel that the black residents that haven't been moved out of these communities should bend over backward to openly support them.  Well, sorry white gentrifiers it isn't the duty of the black residents to make the community comfortable for you. It is the responsibility of the gentrifiers to do all they can to ensure that a harmonious atmosphere exists for the residents who were in the neighborhood before you decided to reenter those communities that many of your white ancestors left decades ago. You see blacks didn't start the process of white flight out of these urban areas. White flight was part and parcel of the white communities reaction to blacks gaining measures of equality in housing and educational opportunities that had been denied them in many cases for centuries in this country.

 That is why it is so damn frustrating to see white gentrifiers actually having the audacity of using the historic grounds and the main campus of Howard University as a place for their dogs to defecate on. I mean the ultimate example of how white gentrifiers feel about the community they have moved into, or as some of our black brothers and sisters say invaded.  First, these white gentrifiers told the black community around the 7th Street and Florida Avenue corridor that the go-go sounds being projected out to the streets was disturbing the quiet that was now expected since they moved into the community.  Never once did those who protested the go-go sounds do any research about how long those go-go beats had been ongoing. Nor did these white gentrifiers go and gain some knowledge of the go-go beat that is synonymous with Washington DC's black community. No, they went to the media controlled by the white gentrifiers and demanded that the go-go sounds cease and desist. Why not play some Carrie Underwood, or possibly Taylor Swift to make us feel a little bit more at home.

Well, white gentrifiers your new home is the home of go-go and it is a black no-no to think that the Shaw Community is going to roll over and accede to your every demand. Now if that wasn't enough the white gentrifiers have dogs and naturally, dogs, unlike cats, must be walked. It is during these white gentrifiers dog walks that dog business must be done. I guess the white gentrifiers had a meeting on how to best disrespect the black community that surrounds Howard University. If you don't know or have never visited Washington DC. You may not know that the historic campus of Howard University is located in the heart of the Shaw Community. This historic campus is known as the educational Mecca for Black Colleges and Universities. Howard University was founded in 1867 by the United States Government as an adjunct to the Freedman's Department. You only need to know white gentrifiers that internationally Howard University is as recognizable as Harvard University. How anyone can have the gall to think that Howard University's main campus off of Georgia Avenue is to be confused as a dog park needs to have their heads examined.

The main campus grounds have been the site of the founding of 5 Panhellenic Organizations (Omega Phi Psi Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority). Over 120,000 students have received degrees from Howard University and historically many of the black movements for equality and civil rights have been formulated on the grounds of Howard University. If one of those white gentrifiers had just done a little homework they would've known that to use the campus as their dog's dung dropping ground would have known that it would be totally unacceptable. However, white gentrifiers seemingly don't care about honoring black history. You see they moved into the community with the assumption that the community needed them. Hence, anything these white gentrifiers did from demanding to silence the go-go sounds to using Howard University as their newly discovered dog park was acceptable in the realm of white privilege. 

I have to wonder what Dr. Mordecai Johnson, Dr. Alain Locke, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Dr. Frances Welsing, Dr. Franklin Frazier, Dr. Mamie Clark, Dr. Kenneth Clark, Thurgood Marshall, Dr. Kelly Miller, Robert Carter, David Dinkins, Charlie Cobb, Stokley Carmichael, Benjamin Hooks, John Mercer Langston, Charles Hamilton Houston, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Ralph Bunche, Jeremiah Wright, Sterling Brown, Donny Hathaway and all the great black people connected to Howard University feel about Howard University being the selected dog park for the white gentrifiers? Whether those former Howardites are in the land of our black ancestors or still living in the world. I mean white gentrifiers are feeling bold enough with a total lack of respect to use Howard University's campus as the new dog park in Northwest Washington DC? 

I know that personally, this black man feels that this act of disrespect is atrocious. Then I hear one white gentrifier tell a local news reporter that if any current students at Howard University don't like them using their campus as a dog park, maybe Howard University needs to move the campus from their new acquired neighborhood. To that, I say get the fuck outta here you goddamn idiot.