Apr. 25, 2019

John Singleton (Rest In Peace) 01/06/1968 - 04/29/2019

All prayers for John Singleton today for John Singleton and the family of John Singleton. It was revealed earlier this morning that John's family would be removing John Singleton from life support. John's battle against his devastating stroke has ended and John has passed on to the great valley of black greatness. It is in that valley that John Singleton can share the many memories he created for his many followers. John's genius was evident in so many ways. His eye for a great story was nurtured when he directed the fantastic movie Boyz In The Hood in 1991. He followed that movie up with the impactful story of Higher Learning, a movie that promoted black intellectuals. Many brothers, mothers, girlfriends understood the nature of the movie Baby Boy. One of my all-time favorite John Singleton movies was the epic story of the destruction of the Florida black community of Rosewood. John Singleton directed Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur in the black classic Poetic Justice. John Singleton wasn't afraid of a challenge in recreating the black classic from the 1970s' Shaft. I mean he developed Samuel L. Jackson into the epic John Shaft. I truly believe that it was Samuel Jackson's rendition in Shaft that leads to Jackson's role of Nick Fury in the Marvel movies.

Every kind of movie was within John Singleton range as a director. Whether that movie is one about action 2Fast2Furious, urban drama Hustle &Flow, mysterious elements Black Snake Moan, or movies with the criminal element like Four Brothers. He directed movies of all types but the single compelling thing about John's movies was that he played all of his characters to audiences. John Singleton put his heart, mind, and soul into his work. That may be the reason he was with us for only 51 years. Because of John Singleton energies placed into the creative works he developed John was simply used all up. The black community needs to join hands and send a message of thanks to the lasting spirit of John Singleton. We need to thanks John for all the works he created, all the economic opportunities John created for others, and for allowing us to have a glimpse into John Singleton's greatness. He’s told some of our powerful black stories on screen that needed to be shared. Thanks for sharing John Singleton your works will live on for eternity.

Peace Love Brother Singleton.
Rest In Peaceful Slumber