Apr. 30, 2019

Building Something Substantial Is Almost Never An Overnight Mission, It Takes Time And Determination

It really is quite amazing that I have generated a significant following on my internet blog. When I first started my blog it was simply a tool to keep my mind fresh because of my physical disabilities had forced me to retire. Now, blogging by this black man along with my read aloud hour project has uplifted my spirits tremendously. I mean since really January 2016 my blog has grown from as few as 5 pageviews from my followers to multiple thousands of pageviews per day. It would seem that I have captured a significant social media audience.
I have viewed many, many blog sites during the past three years. During that period of time, I see the many challenges many bloggers have in gaining traction in viewers as well as increasing the number of page views. It makes me extremely satisfied that by the end of this year (2019) if I continue to create and focus on meaningful posts. I will reach a significant level of page views I can easily reach and pass 1,000,000 page views on my blog. The goal is in sight and I should be able to surpass that plateau within the next 6 months
That is that goal reached, I should be able to create a published book that will detail the highlights of my many posts. So, this afternoon I would ask that those who know about my blog continue to visit it. In addition, I am asking those of you who aren't familiar with the contents of my blog make a visit. The model of my information format is the sharing of black historical knowledge, black information about the experiences we share collectively, and the absolute uplift of our black communities across the country.
Over the next months, it is my plan to extend blogging opportunities to others. So that may share personal reflective stories as well as positive experiences that generate black communal uplift. So, on the last day of April 2019 join me in my quest to make my blog a significant voice for change in the black communities across the country. Please remember the initial motto I created back in the winter of 2016. Our black history need never be a black mystery to anyone in our community. We must uplift the knowledge bar and erase the illiteracy barrier to progress in our black communities.