May. 2, 2019


I just read in the Huffington Post that Minister Louis Farrakhan has been banned from Facebook and Instagram because Facebook has labeled Minister Farrakhan anti-semitic. Facebook has also banned a number of white supremacists for blatant racist posts. Prominent white ideologues such as Alex Jones, Milo Yannopoulos, Paul Nehlen, and Infowars have been banned as well.
This process of social media censorship is called deplatforming, which is a new word added to the lexicon on the English dictionary. I am more than a little disturbed by Facebook Inc. banning of Minister Farrakhan because I truly believe that his message provides black communities with positive qualities that can generate progressive community growth. You have to truly wonder if those powers to be in the majority community forced the issue related to Minister Farrakhan's banning. Did those decision-makers look at the totality of the community uplifting messages of self-reliance, self-respect, and educational uplift that is the center point of many of Minister Louis Farrakhan's talks?
It's easy to point out anti-semitic messages and ignore the other qualities of Minister Farrakhan's views. I would like to know the diversity of the decision-makers who were making these deplatforming decisions regarding those individuals who were banned today. Social media has become a powerful voice in messaging throughout not only our country but the entire world. So decisions regarding censorship cannot be made without deep thought and quantitive analysis of those individuals views.
I depend on both Facebook and Instagram to expand my blogging audiences. Initially, when I first starting posting my blogging links as well as my read aloud hours on Facebook I was censored almost on a weekly basis. Facebook deemed my posts as well as my reading as not conforming to the Community Standards. However, since August 8, 2018, I haven't had one incident of censorship or restrictions on either Facebook or Instagram. I haven't been in danger of being deplatformed so I guess I should be happy. Yet, I wonder what has changed? My messages focusing on black universal literacy, sharing black knowledge, and writing and voicing my provoked thoughts have been totally consistent. My guess is that someone actually took the time to understand that I was building a positive goal of black community uplift.
I guess someone in the corporate offices of Facebook Inc. needs to take a second look and listen to the totality of Minister Louis Farrakhan's messages?