May. 6, 2019

Kevin Broadus Morgan State University's New Basketball Coach

On the day that Morgan State University introduced its new basketball head coach, Kevin Broadus, in an audience that included all the Georgetown Thompson clan Big John, John III, and Ronnie along with a myriad of Coach Broadus's former players. The University of Maryland his former employer just signed a Sudan basketball player with a 7 feet 10-inch wingspan, Choi Marial, who wingspan is larger than any other NBA player in history besides Manute Bol who had an incredulous wingspan of 8 feet 6-inches.
This means that the recruiting class that Kevin Broadus assisted in bringing into UM this year will include the Mitchell Twins, Donta Scott, Choi Marial and Hakim Hart. These 5 players will be added to last year's recruiting class that included Serrel Smith, Aaron Wiggins, Eric Ayala, Ricky Lindo and of course Baltimore's own Jalen Smith. This means that the top ten players from the last two recruiting classes will be on Maryland's campus next season. Add the other returning upperclassmen Darryl Morsell, Joshua Tomaic and the possible addition of the teams leading scorer Anthony Cowan.
All 13 of these players the new Morgan State University Basketball Coach Kevin Broadus has a major hand in recruiting as well as developing. That has to bode well for the future of Morgan Bear basketball. The brother has the gift that allows young men to want to follow his vision. Coach Broadus spoke of vision today quite impressively. His vision as well as the visions of Drs. Wilson and Scott. He spoke of his binding relationships that were built from his basketball experiences. He spoke of his HBCU roots, of matriculating at Bowie State University, of loving as a young man coming to play at Hill Fieldhouse while a student at Bowie. It was clearly evident that every one of the friends of Coach Broadus who attended this public introduction loved his as a man of distinction and honor.
My only regret is in watching the news conference was the seemingly complete absence of the Baltimore media from the event. The only question that was asked came not from the media but from a Morgan supporter. Having Drs' Wilson and Scott attempting to gain support from the Baltimore media for our sports program is a difficult uphill battle. The biggest star at the news conference wasn't either Wilson, Scott, or Broadus but it was Gig John Thompson who was decked out in his Nike attire.
Yet, any Morgan alumni had to be extremely proud that our university was able to secure the services of an excellent recruiter, an outstanding developer of men, as well as an outstanding basketball coach in Kevin Broadus. I only hope that we understand the magnitude of this basketball hire. It could be extremely important to our university's ability to gain some national recognition and corporate sponsorship. The students in the athletic department may be in line for trips to Eugene, Oregon with our new coach's Nike ties. The entire city of Baltimore and the Morgan University community must wrap their arms around Kevin Broadus and make him and his family feel welcome. This is a game-changing hire for our university community.
I also appreciate that Coach Broadus gave some platitudes to his personal friend Todd Bozeman at this announcement. Coach Todd Bozeman worked hard to build the stature of the program during some extremely difficult times. Let's see you try to recruit today's players to play in an empty wore down, beat up and decrepit Hill Fieldhouse when all the competitive schools (Towson, Coppin, UMBC, Loyola(1984) in the area have new arenas. Or arenas packed with overflowing crowds. So it will not be an easy task for our coach Kevin Broadus to secure commitments for players to play for our Morgan Grizzlies. However, if we can change the atmosphere and build campus enthusiasm for our sports teams. I can see the beginning of concrete being pour and bricks being laid for the new Frazier Webster Fieldhouse in this decade. However, we must align ourselves to our programs with personal support and finding ways to bring Baltimore City into the equation of support.
These are our my Morgan State University Basketball Notes Today.