May. 6, 2019

Quick Notes The Scales Of American Interest

"Americans are seemingly more interested Game of Thrones and Infinity Endgame than in the absolute ecological deterioration of Planet Earth. I guess if Arya and Thanos were actual living beings Americans would begin to give a damn about the 1,000,000 species of marine and land life threatened by our ecological blindness. What in the hell is so damn interesting about two fictional stories, one based on white supremacy domination during the British Empire's War of the Roses and the other story based on a lime green brownish character that turns humans into dust anyways? We had better start being extremely interested whether you are black, white, red, or yellow in the literally millions of living thing we actually have turned to dust. On a side note, the scavenger crabs of the Chesapeake Bay are back in abundance according to a new report from Maryland's Department of Natural Resources. So rockfish are dwindling again and crabs are on the upswing since scavengers love so many dead things. So get the Old Bay Seasoning and cold brewskies on tap and enjoy. Except if you are like me the high iodine levels in today's seafood makes that meal unbearable. Oh, what the hell, we can't live forever so why should Planet Earth."