May. 8, 2019

British Baby Naming Shenanigans, Please!

"I live in the United States, a nation that supposedly told the British monarchy to go straight to hell. So, I could give a rat's ass about the name of a baby who was born with a proverbial diamond spoon in his mouth. I mean most of the crown jewels that are the basis of the wealth of the Royal Family were stolen from civilizations whose residents were my skin tone or darker. I ask myself why are even a few black folks interested in these baby naming shenanigans? Did the British Empire ever pay any reparations for all the thievery and misadventures that they caused black people to suffer in points all around the world? Also, I don't care if the British Empire abolished slavery in 1833 the monarchy still continued to oppress darker skin peoples around the world for at least a century and a half until World War II demolished their reign of oppression."