May. 9, 2019

The Blackman Who Reads Aloud Pays Tribute To An Ultimate Warrior For Equality & Justice

John Brown was born May 9, 1800, he celebrates his 219th birthday today. When I was in school, John Brown was always depicted in my history books as a crazed, maniacal white man who had no true virtue. He only thirsted after blood and had a limited level of humanity. As I got older and did my own research on John Bown I came to realize how virtuous, honorable and dedicated John Brown was. He lived a pious life and thought that all mankind no matter the color of their skins deserved to be treated equally. In a time when the overwhelming majority of blacks were deemed inferior and was shackled and chained to the insane institution of slavery. John Brown wanted to break the bonds of those chains so that my black ancestors could walk as freedmen.

More than any other white person it was John Brown who sacrificed his life and that of some of his sons to bring freedom to the enslaved blacks being held in bondage in the southern United States. His failed attack on the Harpers Ferry Federal Armory was an instrumental event that strengthened the demand by abolitionists in this nation to finally settle the issue of slavery once and for all. It was that failed attack along with John Brown's public hanging that aroused the level of dissension and conflict between the North and the South, which forged the movement to that penultimate battle of North versus South in a great Civil War. As a result of his death, a tribute was written honoring John Brown. This historical poem was used to motivate northern troops as they headed into battle against the tyrannical Confederate forces.

Today The Black Blackman Who Reads Aloud pays tribute to The Most Honorable John Brown by reciting two versions of the epic poem "John Brown's Body". I hope you will listen to the recitations and understand the magnitude of the sacrifice and determination to the cause of black freedom that John Brown was dedicated too. Had it not been for John Brown, it may have been decades before our ancestors achieved freedom. I am sure that John Brown's Body still stirs with the increasing degree of injustice our black communities still suffer from even in 2019. As the poem says John Brown's Body is smothering in the ground, it burns forever eternal until true equality is reached in this nation.