May. 10, 2019

Here's Hoping Trump Pulls An LBJ On The Fourth

"Since Donald Trump has decided to immerse himself in America's celebratory festivities on the 4th of July 2019 on the National Mall with a get this hugely great political speech. Maybe Trump will do America, and a great majority of Americans a huge favor and announce his resignation from the Presidency. Really, what other speech would be appropriate for the Trumpster to give while standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial? Can you imagine that Trump would give America this gift right before the firework display begins? I sure his old buddy Old Abe Lincoln himself along with Trump's black history buddy, Freddie Douglass would appreciate that act of solving a huge national leadership and moral concern as well as providing a "now" adoring crowd booms and blasts at the same time."

Just having these words come out of Trump's mouth would be so magnificent:

"I will not seek nor will I accept the nomination of my party to be President in 2020, as a matter of fact, I have decided that I've done enough damage to the nation and I will no longer be the President starting immediately after the fireworks show"