May. 12, 2019

Food For Thought Late Saturday Night Question: Who Am I?

"Tomorrow 157 years ago a black man born a slave said to himself enough is enough, he was tired of taking this bowing down to a race he knew he was as intelligent as. He pulled a serious Wakanda move that should be made into a movie for prosperity sake. This strategic move both confused and amazed his supposed master class. He proved that he wasn't to be trifled with. He showed that black magic worked and he worked it to the betterment of his family and several others. Let's spend a few moments to tomorrow talking this titan of deception, this master of white disaster, this symbol of black defiance. His spirit still lives in each of our revolutionary class not satisfied with complacency. If you don't know his name who had better recognize because he showed white southern Americans that his force was so powerful he could shift the balance of power from white to black. Recognize his greatness and think about who the Black Man Who Reads Aloud Is Writing About In The Morning. This is a historical test for those who think our only black heroes reside in a mythical Marvel Universe."

Robert Smalls A True Black American Hero, Not A Mythical Character"

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