May. 14, 2019

Brown Decision Failure

"“It’s hard to imagine that the 65th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Brown decision is coming this week. The fact that public schools are more segregated now than in 1954 is appalling, disgusting, disgraceful, and absolutely indicative of a country that has failed to confront the issue of racial equality. This nation’s leadership has done less to solve the issues of racial inequities that are prevalent in the schools populated by a majority of black students throughout this nation no matter the geographical region these schools are located. If the NAACP had hindsight or foresight to analyze the Supreme Court’s decision. You have to wonder if they would have utilized Dr. Derrick Bell’s alternative universe and demanded that separate was equal, rather than striving for an integrated solution which has been an absolute failure in public schools. This nation has never accepted integration or racial equality. So, the push for integration was a strategy that hasn’t panned out. The goal of demanding in 1953 a planned maximum influx of cash to bring a balanced system of two distinct racial systems was the best choice. Our black communities gave up so much to integrate and gained absolutely little economically and educationally. These are my provoked thoughts tonight almost 65 years from the day when our ancestors felt we won a miraculous right of educational and civil rights. Only to be tricked by a white society bent in keeping its foot on the throats of the black less fortunate.”


Joe Smoke Black Thoughts