May. 17, 2019

Re-enacting Brown

The forces of power in America never truly wanted to integrate the races. The truth is evident in the facts that public schools are more segregated now than they were in 1954. In addition, President Eisenhower said that his worst political decision was the appointment of Earl Warren as the Chief Justice. Also, President Eisenhower also imbued racism into a sizzling situation by saying that white southerners had a real argument of not wanting their white babies going to school with negro brutes after the decision. The reality of history has shown that Dr Derrick Bell’s alternative universe of the NAACP forcing the United States to fully and comprehensively implement Plessey v Ferguson was a far better strategy. Our black communities and institutions would’ve been protected and we wouldn’t have had to force a white nation that never wanted to integrate to integrate. What did King say before he was murdered? He said we integrated into a burning house of hate and injustice and the fire is still scorching hot. We can never step away now from that strategy and it looks as if the color line or the inequity line will continue to be a separating line in this the 21st century. The photo shown is from December 1953 when the final presentation or appeal was given by opposing counsel to the Supreme Court. The 1955 2nd Brown decision was more impactful when the court stepped back the May 17, 1954 decision was these words with all deliberate speed which basically allowed southern states to ignore the decision and of course northern states never felt that Brown was directed at them anyway so they continued with de facto racial segregation. Once those northern states were forced into busing of the races in the 70’s all hell broke loose proving that racism wasn’t just a southern issue it was America’s most confounding issue. This year 400 years after the first 20 slaves disembarked from that Portuguese ship onto the shores of Jamestown. The question still being asked is why one’s color still remains more important than the content of a man’s character.