May. 17, 2019

My Self-Belief Credo To Overcoming Challenges

"Self-belief can defeat any of your current life obstacles. All you need to do is understand solutions or successes don't come overnight. The barriers weren't built overnight so you cannot expect them to be erased overnight. The pitfalls of life maybe pressing down on me but my brilliant brain continues to maximize its energy and creative juices. I will not be denied my newly set goals will be achieved. God has shown me my vision of accomplishment. This new path that I have undertaken is righteous and just. I will be like a strongly rooted bending oaktree facing the winds of anger. I may bend slightly but my trunk will not break. I may lose leaves and branches but I will withstand those negative forces that challenge me. You see no matter what the circumstances seem to reveal to others around me. I have seen another brightly illuminating path with calming winds and fair weather that will overcome these challenges to be overcome. This my personal decree, so it is said, so shall it be written and achieved. Feel free to make it yours today and set your course to a different path in life."

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