May. 19, 2019

Lorraine Hansberry A Warrior For Justice So Much More Than A Raisin In The Sun

She was so much more than a raisin in the sun, Lorraine Hansberry, was also vigorous battler for black civil and social rights. When all sides were closing in on so many in the struggle for our rights both civil and social. Lorraine Hansberry spoke truth directly to power and confronting the supposedly chief advocate for justice Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. So today on her 89th birthday we should remember Lorraine Hansberry for more than having written possibly the best play ever by any playwright no matter the color. Remember Lorraine Hansberry who believed in the hopes and aspirations of our black nation; Lorraine Hansberry who believed in the gift of black excellence; Lorraine Hansberry who believed that race should never be the defining line for human achievement; Lorraine Hansberry who believed that every black child had the capacity to be young, gifted, and absolutely black. Happy Birthday Lorraine Hansberry you were taken from way to young in your journey but the footprints you left still shine majestically.