May. 20, 2019

Would You Get On The Bus?

How would you feel about getting on a Trailways or Greyhound Bus knowing that at some point during your travel you will be violently confronted by angry racists white mobs bent on possibly murdering or maiming you, simply because of the color of your skin, or because you supported the equal citizenship rights denied by these hate-filled white mobs of black Americans?

Number 1 Thought:
You couldn't retaliate against those white mobs. You had to remain non-violent and accept the beatings;

Number 2 Thought:
You will be severely outnumbered and you cannot anticipate little or no support by the law enforcement agencies;

Number 3 Thought:
Law enforcement agencies in most cases would be the very people inflicting the racist beatings; the governors and mayors of the cities and states the buses will travel will most likely conspire with law enforcement to ensure that the buses will be attacked by those white violent mobs;

Number 4 Thought:
The federal government justice agencies sworn to protect the rights of all citizens will get involved actively in preventing the mob attacks.

Now ask yourself this serious question this afternoon, are you brave enough to board any of those buses? Well, today 58 years ago in Montgomery Alabama, the Freedom Riders who did in fact board buses faced the wrath of hatred and violence. These brave Americans whose main agenda was simply to ensure that the rights of a black citizen to travel was protected were beaten mercifully in the Montgomery Alabama bus station. My guess is that this white mob was seeking some type of retribution for the bus boycott that occurred six years earlier. This wasn't municipal transportation but federal interstate travel. No matter any opportunity to beat the absolute hell out of black people seeking change was enough.

It is vital that we understand that although slavery may have ended in 1865. The oppressive treatment of Black Americans continued relentlessly for another century or more. Today I go back to a post I produced last year ago, May 20, 2018, and initially in 2017. The Blackman Who Reads Aloud continues to retrace our history through the act of the read aloud. This 30-minute reading will be enlighting as well as provoking.