May. 21, 2019

Battling Super Vaginas Why?

"Some Republicans truly think the VAGINA is simply a SUPER SHERO WEAPON capable of warding off Bad Sperm, repelling acts of rapes, and also a military weapon of mass destruction geared to the elimination of the white race. Shot if I had any idea of the power of the vagina than I think I might have chosen a life of celibacy. I mean every act of aggressive sexual activity could have been the end of my life. If I didn't please or bow down to the mighty powerful SUPER VAGINA, I could've..."
Seven years ago I wrote the above blog post on Facebook about the fascination that certain white republican politicians had concerning the vagina. Of course, it got me expelled from this social media network for I think a week. At the time it seemed that these white men were fighting in some alternate Marvel Universe against a super powerful force called "Super Vagina". Super Vagina's force was more powerful than Captain Marvel and if "Super Vagina" couldn't be controlled our nation would be destroyed. It was to them a battle for the control of American society. If these white men lost this battle for the control and beatdown of the "Super Vagina" they would lose total control of all of societal virtues and morality.
At that time "Super Vagina" had advocates not only in the White House, Barack, and Michelle Obama as well as a majority vote in the Supreme Court. Well, since 2012 things have definitely changed and the white republican army has defined battlelines with almost every southern state except Florida along with a number of border states creating laws designed specifically to attack at the heart of "Super Vagina". Along with the strategy of state offensive, the White House no longer has advocates to protect the "Super Vagina" and the Supreme Court's majority once held to protect "Super Vagina" now has shifted to the opposition. Can "Super Vagina" be finally taken down. Can white men, hell all men with this line of thought now take absolute control of "Super Vagina". Are we now seeing the last days of defensive marginal line Roe v Wade?
The battle for the heart and soul protecting Super Vagina and every woman in this country seems to be waning. We have a significant number of white male intent on dominating and smashing their sworn enemy, "Super Vagina". The middle ground holds the key to "Super Vagina" retaining its position. Either they bow to the negative forces that are bent on the annihilation of "Super Vagina". Or they allow women all over this country to control what goes in and comes out of their personal vaginas.