May. 22, 2019

Skyler Rose Hall

Today, I salute my daughter, Skyler Rose Hall, as she begins this first stage of true adulthood. Skyler will be graduating from Northern High School in the first week of June 2019. She has done some remarkable things during her four years in high school. She was a sometimes not willing student who found her scholastic excellence in her time. We, Robbin and I never attempted to force Skyler beyond what her limits were at any given time. We both as parents wanted Skyler Rose to find her excellence in her own time. We both knew that once Skyler identified her passions in school, in the classroom, and in her social environments the bars she set for herself would far surpass any self-imposed bars of achievements we established. So we both sweated this process out waiting for the moment that her brain clicked.

It started innocently enough. Skyler started going to the area gym during her 9th-grade year preparing to participate in cheerleading. Little did we know that her activation was not cheerleading. Although Skyler did, in fact, participate in cheerleading for all 4 years at Northern High School. Skyler Rose's passion became an avid gymnast who would develop a regiment of training 6 days a week for 120 minutes sets. Skyler also became an avid nutritional specialist who created her own diet that allowed her to be one of the fittest high school students in this country, I believe.

Along with this drive for athletic perfection came a desire to be more competitive in her classrooms. Not competing against other students but competing against herself. Just as in the gym she isn't competing against others in the gym. Skyler took that same level of dedication to a formula of personal growth from the gym to the classrooms. Robbin and I are entirely confident that our daughter will be a significant contributor to the Morgan State University community next fall. The entire family will be joining Skyler on her journey to Baltimore City in the fall because our journey in Calvert County, Maryland ends with Skyler's graduation. We're excited about what new adventures away Skyler as she proceeds to the next stage of her life. I only hope that she is able to instruct others on finding their life's passion as she is beginning to find her's.