May. 24, 2019

A Black Blogger With A Purpose

It's funny I have been building my blog to this current level of productivity since 2016. I haven't once put a photo of a naked ass or huge tits on my blog. I've dedicated my blog to sharing black historical knowledge and provoked thoughts on today's issues. It has been hard work even though I experience pain every day I still feel its necessary to deliver a post to my followers. I feel that my blog building has delivered, so in that term, it is an exceptional feat.

I would like to expand my blog to include other voices if you are interested please contact me directly. This Memorial Day weekend, while you and your family are on your smartphones, smart pad, computer desktops, or computer laptops please visit my blog site. The one thing I would like to see more of is encouraging support from my black community. Simply click the LIKE button for either the blog or the blog post.

It is important that we, as a people recognize each other's hard work and perseverance. Because if we don't who will? I try my best to produce meaningful posts that deliver intellectual thought. It is also my intention to create something people in our community will be willing to read on a daily basis. As our media channels are closing off to us in many communities. The blogs become an avenue to share knowledge as well as channel others to create and share.

I truly believe that I will easily exceed 1000000 page views this year. So take a chance on my blog and I assure you it will be an interesting journey into the mind of a Blackman who has experienced much and is likely to experience more in this path we call life. Even though I am a historically black college educated black man with a degree. I now consider myself self-educated, just like Malcolm X was self-educated. Because the knowledge that I acquired outside of my college classrooms is far more comprehensive than the knowledge I acquired in those classrooms.

I believe that I now have a Ph.D. in outside knowledge it is directed by my professional endeavors which were broadened by being around many literacy professionals. In addition, I continued to read books in varying disciplines which provided me the ability to be able to discuss multiple topics. The topics that I feel very comfortable discussing are our black history and the pressing issue of black male illiteracy.
I can have an intelligent discussion with an educated man or the common man. So join me today, or any day on my blog, or on my special project, The Blackman's Read Aloud Hour.