May. 29, 2019

Reflective Thoughts Beaming Black Hopes

Live Life, Love Life, Embrace Life

Compose Your Thoughts, Interact Your Thoughts With Others, Engage Your Thoughts To Fruition 

Admire Others, Respect Others, Desire Personal Completeness


Create With Others, Assist Others, Build With Others

Your Blackness Is Truly Beautiful


Your Blackness Is Truly Unique


Your Blackness Must Treasured


Every Black Life Is Truly Precious


Guide Your Promise To Actualization


Time is Relevant




Time Is Constant




Make Your Time Proactive




Make Your Time Essential




Our Time Is Black Time




Black Time Is Now Time


Black Time Is The Right Time


"What we need right now in our black communities all across this nation are all of our people being best "you" that they can ever be; because in being that best "you" we all automatically become a better black us. Let that percolate in the recesses of your subconscious mind for just a couple of moments. We can create solutions to our many problems by thinking collectively and engaging proactively by choice, our choice, the first choice must be the black choice. It that valued black choice that will bring betterment to every conscious and subconscious decision we/us must make. Lift up us and we/I will be lifted as well. Value your black brother, your black sister, your black child even if he/she/they seemingly don't value themselves. Because in that black value system they will instinctively learn to value themselves and others."