May. 30, 2019

Wake Up A Storm's Is Coming

There is seriously something wrong with some Americans in this country of ours. I just read an article in today's USA Today about tornado warnings which are a vital form of lifesaving communications being a nuisance to television viewers. It seems that the tornado warning that devastated Dayton, Ohio interrupted the showing of The Bachelor reality show. The outburst of venom appeared on social media regarding the television channel having the gall to cut into that program which I guess is vital to the national security of that community. It also indicated that when Tiger Woods won the Masters in April viewers around Atlanta was so disturbed by these storm warning they have sent death threats to the station's weather person. I mean really why are so many people in this country on some kind of intellectual downslope. They seemed to be so captivated by the reality-driven media syndrome that has captured their subconscious, that they are willing to risk life and limb not to be disturbed during these reality driven shows that have no true significance in the higher level model of thought that should be frequented by a supposed level thinking human being.

Hey, a tornado is in your neighborhood take cover. Don't bother me Tiger Woods is about to sink that 15 foot shot for par. The winds are cataclysmic and swooping up and demolishing homes down the street. Who cares, this Bachelor is about to decide whether or not to shove contestant number three out of the car on their date. The question I ask is are Americans are being dumbed down intentionally? Are we being subjected to these asinine shows to keep us distracted from the real issues that we are presented with? Is our government's communication systems set up to dull our senses and make us less critically aware. There is a huge difference between individuals who read and acquire knowledge and individual who gain knowledge from watching television/cable shows geared to the level of 3rd and 4th-grade readers. So the next time you are wondering whether Brittany Spears does or doesn't post her own videos, or whether its Taco Tuesday Night at LeBron James house or other insignificant media driven trash that is spewed on us daily to distract us from critically being aware of the environment around us. Wonder this, will the day come that the majority of our nation will be so dumbed down that they will have lost absolute control of themselves? Handing over that control for the sake of insignificance and nonsense. Just a thought, or has it already happened? Look who is running our government now, is he not a reality-based media creation? Damn, it's already happened we'd better wake up quick before its too late.