Jun. 1, 2019

It's Not The Bullet, Or The Gun, It's The Sickness In The Mind

It seems that indiscriminate mass killings are as American as apple pie. Disrespect me and I'll get my guns and take out you, and everyone near you, it even doesn't matter if they disrespected me or not. The goal is mass destruction of all humanity within the range of my killing instruments. This philosophy of not going out of this world alone, deciding that I must take out other is despicable.

In addition, I don't care to hear all this politico mumbo jumbo talk about gun control being the solution to these atrocious acts of murderous rage. Because guns don't kill people, mentally sick people kill people. So until you eliminate the psychological sickness that seems to be pervasive in our society today. These acts will continue to occur with regularity.

What makes it so easy for an individual to pull the trigger multiple times? Do they visualize the enormous pain and terror they will inflict before the act? Do they really have an immunity that makes murdering easy for them to digest? I hate to have to create provoked thoughts about personal craziness but until these acts cease I will continue to address them on my blog.

This nation will never absolve itself of these events of killing rampages until the nation finds ways to diagnosis and heal the hate-filled killers. Politicians are so linked to the lobbies that manufacture these weapons of mass destruction that they truly can't be trusted to look after our interest. So, the next act of murderous rage is already formulating in someone's sick mind right now. The only think that this individual is waiting for is the spark to ignite the madness. Who will be the next victims, you, me, someone you love. We cannot ascertain the future victims but we must find a way to point out the next person who is ready to create a reign of personal terror.