Jun. 2, 2019

The Look Of Pure Evil

Lawrence Banks is the same age as I am and I believe that we both entered City College High School in Baltimore City the same month and year September 1969. I cannot remember if I even knew him during my only year attending City College High School but if I did cross his path I guess I am lucky I didn't end up being victimized this black man.
Recently, a body was discovered in a shopping cart outside in the vicinity of the Clark's Lane Apartment. The body was missing her hands, feet, and head. The only distinguishing marks on the remaining torso were tattoos on this woman's buttocks. Well, I guess if this person's killer was more treacherous he would have burned those tattoos away as well. Because it was the tattoos that were eventually able to identify her. Dominique Foster, age 43 was that body in that shopping cart. Her murderer was her father, Lawrence Banks. This wasn't Lawrence Banks's first murder of a family member, or for that matter, any other murder. Lawrence Banks killed with impunity, folks. Have a beef with Lawrence Banks and end up cut up on a steel slab in a coroner's lab.
It seems that anyone who crossed paths with this man was dealing with a deranged killer. Lawrence Banks has killed or is implicated, or suspected in the following murders, along with throwing a 7-month baby through a glass door in 1976. Vivian Banks, his wife whose murder is currently unsolved; 2 killings on the same day in 1991, one of those killed was his son along with another man in Pasadena, Maryland; 2 additional killings in 2006 in Laurel, Maryland of a daughter and granddaughter of the woman he was living and dating. Now, my question is this how does a man who threw a 7-month old baby through a glass door 1976 and who admitted to killing his son and another person in 1991 get the chance to murder again in possibly in 2006, or get the chance to decapitate his daughter in 2019?
Truly, this picture is disturbing. It is the indictment of our criminal justice system. It also breeds the reality that black lives are less valuable than white lives. Because if Lawrence Banks would've killed white people during his reign of terror. The first white killing would've been his last killing because the system would've stuck him under the penitentiary in 1976. The picture displayed on my blog doesn't connote pure evil but Lawrence Banks embodies pure, unadulterated evil personified. Anyone who crossed this man was marked for a potentially murderous rampage.
I truly hope that these are the only victims of this mass murderer but the way he killed indicates that he was a meticulous killer. He hid his victims' identities in some cases. Their cases will never be solved unless Lawrence Banks confesses to the murders. Now he's 65 years-old like me but he is nothing like any other 65-year-old man. You see Lawrence Banks is a disturbed animal who prowled the streets of Baltimore City looking to unleash his brand of terror. The failed system of justice in this country allowed him to continue. Why? Because his victims were black.