Jun. 3, 2019

Happy Birthday Charles Drew, Your Magnificent Brilliance Is Still Shining Brightly

Born on June 3, 1904, Dr. Charles Drew lead a life that continues to impact others even 115 years after his birth. Let's see Charles Drew was responsible for setting up blood banks during World War 2. This eventually led to the formation of the American Red Cross. The research that Charles Drew led related to the storage of human blood has indeed saved ten's of millions of lives. While blood has only type differences, the United States Army didn't agree there policy was to separate African American blood from white American blood which eventually led to Dr. Charles Drew's resignation from his position as Director of the Red Cross because of this insane blood separation policy.

Dr. Charles Drew fitted quite of bit of life in his shorten time on this planet. He lived for only 45 years but wow, what a series of accomplishments outside his work with human blood storage. Dr. Charles Drew was a superior athlete who also was a coach at my alma mater than Morgan State College. Dr. Charles Drew also directed the Howard University School of Medicine and was also the Medical Director of the Freedman's Hospital. Dr. Charles Drew's influence was felt in the multitudes of young black students he encouraged to be medical professionals.

His daughter Charlene Drew-Jarvis is and remains a political force in the District of Columbia. She has served on the District's City Council, she followed her father's footsteps as an educator and scientific research. So, I know that Charles Drew would have been proud of his only prodigy. So today I pay honor to a brilliant scientist whose impactful life proved that superior genius was not a matter of an individual's skin color. It was the content of his/her desire character and brilliance was decided by his/her determination to uncover and unmask the greatness that existed within. On April 1, 1950, Dr. Charles Drew and three other physicians were involved in an automobile accident outside of Burlington, North Carolina on the way to a medical conference at Tuskegee Institute. Dr. Drew was at the wheel at the time of the accident. He suffered injuries severe enough to take his life. Even though white physicians tried valiantly to save his life. Those efforts failed the black medical genius passed away.

Happy birthday Dr. Charles Drew the world continues to appreciate the greatness that you spawned. The lights that you lit in others still continues to burn brightly today in the preceding generations of those you personally influenced.