Jun. 4, 2019

Provoking Thoughts, Who Teaches You?

"“If we learn our own history individually and work collectively we as a people will learn to understand this basic fact. That oppression isn’t doesn’t exist in our DNA but black excellence does. We have a responsibility to our ancestors to learn and grow from our past. We must read the words, understand the works, and build on the experiences of those we walked the path before us. We also cannot depend on television monitors to be the sole source of instructing us about our black history. The screens may be ours the messengers of the stories are owned by the very oppressors who locked us out of a fair and equal society. What we need as a black community are strategic conscious thinkers who can build and rebuild our communities not depend others responsible for wrecking them. So it’s agreeable to watch stories of our blackness but you must be cognizant of the origin of not only the truth but also comprehend the rationale of the presentation. This is just another provoked thought for a Tuesday afternoon. The worst thing we can do is to allow Netflix to tell our stories or define us, without understanding why and who made the decision to present it.”"