Jun. 6, 2019

Why Does This Blackman Read Aloud? Only We Can Change The Black Male Narrative

This is the most important session I could produce this afternoon. This fact-based session details the research behind the read-aloud​, reasons and rationale on why the read-aloud is so effective, and finally, I will also detail so many issues that are reflected in our black communities because of the presence of black illiteracy. Did you know this fact that this current generation is less educated than the previous generation? So that is why everyone who has a connection to the social network and is concerned about black progress should connect our communities to The Blackman's Read Aloud Hour. Share this learning video with educators, business leaders, communities leaders, fraternal and sorority organizations and everyday folks. We must collectively address this reading deficiency that exists amongst our black men immediately. Otherwise, we stand the chance of falling behind and never catching up. The world will not stand in place for us it will continue to evolve while we continue to stagnate. Change the story and the narrative by becoming engaged in addressing and eliminating the problem of black male illiteracy.​ The strategy of the read-aloud is great for anyone ages 3-85 so join me every day​.