Jun. 8, 2019

June 8, 1982 1:15 PM Satchel Paige Passed Away

Today the Blackman Who Reads Aloud takes back 37 years to the day that Satchel Paige, the greatest pitcher who ever played professional baseball passed away in Kansas City, Missouri.
I salute the great Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher who holds every conceivable record a pitcher can hold over his 41-year career. Can you imagine any other pitcher at the age of 59 plowing down a Boston Red Sox team in 3 innings with just 28 pitches? Well, Satchel Paige achieved that feat in his last appearance on a major league baseball diamond. To say that Satchel Paige's greatest years were played in obscurity due to the racist segregationist policy of the white baseball owners of the major leagues. He may have been pitching in the backwoods of America, the inner cities of America but Satchel Paige was a one-man drawing truly capable of filling stadiums across this nation. So on the date of his death, I present a read-aloud session written by Larry Tyre on the life of Leroy "Satchel" Paige the greatest baseball player of all-time.