Jun. 11, 2019

Black Society's Priority Displacement

I am getting more tired of the role the diversion of sports plays in our society. It seems that either a basketball, football or even god forbid baseball game garners more interest especially in our black communities than the real deal issues that are decimating our communities every day. Ten people murdered last weekend in Chicago, literacy and math scores plummet across urban black elementary and middle schools, black unemployment among blacks aged 18-25 doubled in the past 5 years, hardly no response, Kevin Durant tore his Achilles Heel, Black America on a full response mode on social media. I really didn't understand the insanity of these games the supremacist institutions created to divert our attention until some singular event of some magnitude occurs to a professional black athlete. Every day on my blog and on my read aloud sessions I crave for an audience, a black audience interested in developing a true sense of the history of our peoples. I crave for a black audience to share my goal of developing communities of strategic universal black readers. Yet, my page is absolutely clear of responses from so many of my Facebook contacts. This morning I delivered a blog post about the racist history of the University of Alabama and that relationship to the current rush of black athletes on the collegiate football and basketball teams. Not a hint, or a sense of interest on my Facebook page. I know if I go into many living rooms and mentioned the names Vivian Malone or James Hood, I would get mostly perplexed looks of wonderment from so many black brothers and sisters. Yet, one mention of fans booing KD's injury in Toronto, Canada, or what's his name the rapper not seating down courtside at the games, or whether Beyonce is mad at Mr. Carter because she wouldn't share her popcorn and Black America is in a tither. Our communities so damn combustible they are about to bust. At first when one of my closest Facebook friends told me that sports were the actual enemy of black community progress. I felt like Nina Thompson was overstating that issue. Yet, this evening I understand now why she feels that way. The white power structure knew what they were doing by introducing games of play for pay to black communities. They understood the diversion that professional sporting events could produce. Now that public gambling is coming to the sporting venues our black communities will never move towards eliminating the multitude of issues that decimate our communities every day. Our priorities are so wracked out that we find interest in the most trivial events in life. If winning a basketball championship is so unique why is one crowned every year? We gotta get better folks. Or we will continue to be misled and misinformed by forces more powerful than we are. This evening I read a poem by Bob Dylan, which he wrote after the assassination of Medgar Evers on June 12, 1963. The name of the poem is "Only A Pawn In The Game". Today, I have come to understand that we are still pawns and the Kings and Queens are ruling the board in this country and around the world. Oh, my post on my page was a research activity and the 30+ responses sorta proved my point.