Jun. 12, 2019

June 12, 1963, Why Doesn't All Of America Still Not Love Medgar Evers?

Today, 56 years ago in Jackson, Mississippi the one singular voice of justice was silenced in the driveway of his home. Many men and women led the fight for civil rights in this nation. However, there was only one Medgar Evers, who sought and fought so relentless for the freedom of black Mississippians during an era when any black man fighting for human and social rights in that vile state festering with hatred and violence was sacrificing life and limb on a daily basis. Medgar Evers love a state that hated every drop of blood that ran through his black body. The majority of whites, from the White Citizen Councils to the Ku Klux Klan plotted almost daily on ways to silence his voice before it gained substantial national power. Each and every time Medgar Evers left his home, or NAACP office, or church, or meeting room, Medgar Evers was leaving with a target on his chest. Medgar Evers knew this but yet he continued to go out days, nights, weekends to press for black justice, black citizenship and voting rights for every black Mississippian.

Three weeks before Medgar Evers was murdered in the driveway of his home in Jackson, Mississippi on June 12, 1963. Medgar Evers gave this speech which spoke about his hope and love that he had for the state of his birth Mississippi. Why did he love a state that despised him so? Medgar Evers could've packed his bags and taken Myrlie and his children north, west or even east during the time of his ascension in the NAACP. Medgar Evers could've chosen to be a national figure traveling the highways and byways of this country far from the hatred infection that sickened Mississippi. However, Medgar Evers was a tried and true Mississippian who wanted the best for all Mississippians white and black. So, in this speech, he gave the reasons why Mississippi was his home. He also delivered reasons why he would never leave the Magnolia State. Byron De La Beckwith killed the man on that June night but he never ever could kill the spirit that embodied that proud black man of immense courage.

While Medgar Evers name may not be as well known as Malcolm or Martin, it isn't because of Medgar Evers being any less important to the cause of our civil rights. You see Medgar Evers worked in a state that forced blacks into a state of silence. Mississippi didn't want Medgar Evers to have a voice of influence so the white power brokers did everything possible to ensure his messages were kept to the smallest circle possible. However, no matter how hard they may have tried the message that Medgar Evers delivered was being heard. It would be further heard by Fannie Lou Hamer and the leaders of the Mississippi Democratic Party. It would be heard by those valiant and brave marchers in 1966 when the march from Memphis to Jackson was completed. It would be heard when Martin Luther King spoke from the Capitol steps in Jackson. It would be heard when Stokley Carmichael spoke of Black Power in Greenwood, Mississippi. Yes, you could silence the body of Medgar Evers but never the courageous spirit that energized him.

So today on the 56th anniversary of Medgar Evers assassination on June 12, 1963, The Blackman Who Reads Aloud will read the words of Medgar Evers love for a state that despised him. The question we should all ask today is why doesn't all of America still not love the spirit of Medgar Evers?‚Äč