Jun. 12, 2019

June 11, 2014 Miss Ruby Dee Passes Away, She Was Truly A Blessing

Ruby Dee lived a complete life of grace and determination. Ruby had her man, Ossie Davis, and together they provided an image what everlasting love should resemble. I remember my first image of Ruby Dee in the movie adaption of Lorraine Hansberry's historic play Raisins In The Sun. She played Walter's wife's character with such force and power. Yet she also had a quality of unique black beauty that I instantly fell in love with Miss Ruby Dee.

Five years ago when Ruby Dee passed away I wasn't shocked because of that fact that Miss Ruby Dee had lived for some 91-years. Nor was I sadden by her passing because I knew that in some other universe unknown to us, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis would meet up again and continue their passionate love affair. I'm simply thankful that Ruby Dee passed this way and the lit the world up like the tail of a fleeting comet that sparks in a darkened night. So bright was Ruby's star, so immense was Ruby Dee's artistic talent that many, many generations to come will be able to gain pleasure and strength from her performance.

Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of Ruby Dee's passing. I would like to give gratitude and most heartfelt respect to her wonderful and gracious spirit. Thanks for sharing your life with us all Ruby Dee, and making sure that your personal footprint demanded equality for justice for daughters and mothers who so resembled you. Continue to rest well, be peaceful, and know that forever this world will be blessed to have Ruby Dee as a symbol of intellect, power, justice, and equality. The Blackman Who Reads Aloud Salutes Miss Ruby Dee.