Jun. 21, 2019

Black Excellence

I'm asking all my black brothers and sisters to support both my blog www.joesmokethoughts.com and also my one-hour daily social media Facebook Live and recorded reading project The Blackman's Read Aloud Hour. In addition, share these sites with your family and friends. One thing that I learned while studying and growing at Morgan State University was the love we had for the accomplishments and services of our fellow Morganites.

When I entered Morgan State College in January 1973, I was a young 18 soon to be 19-year-old Blackman struggling to find my purpose in life. When I graduated in 1977, I understood the magnitude of black excellence and how it was my obligation to fulfill that purpose personally and share the objective with others.

Today, I am 65 years old and I continue to walk that pathway of black excellence that the Morgan State University community began opening up to me some 46 years ago. So I hope that even if you aren't even a college graduate, or even if you never attended a college or university. Black excellence doesn't have a requirement of matriculation of college. Black excellence only requirement is that you always put one foot in front of the other and have even the smallest degree of individual perseverance.

Many of our black community today are in a desperate need for the expansion of black excellence. That's what I am attempting to do each day that I read aloud or post on my blog. Initiate, elevate and promote black excellence. I was embedded with the philosophy of lifting up, not tearing down my brothers and sister. So help me help others get lifted up in the search for black knowledge, universal black literacy, and black excellence.