Jun. 24, 2019

Why Reparations? The Murder of Postmaster Frazier Baker In Lake City, South Carolina #thebl

Over the next 4 days,​ I have read and recorded an article that appeared in February​ 2017 on a website www.thiscruelwar.com that detailed the murder and lynching of a Frazier Baker who was nominated by President William McKinley to be the postmaster of a small town, Lake City, South Carolina. It was a mob murder taken out against Frazier Baker simply because of the color of his skin. Had Frazier Baker been white he would have been able to perform the duties required of this federal appointment. However, Frazier Baker wasn't white and thus he and his family were targeted for a violent act sought to kill Baker and send a message to other blacks in Lake City as well as the other black residents in South Carolina. The message was simply this, stay in your place and dare not think you have any sense of equality. The message was similar to the many messages that our ancestors faced after the Civil War and Black Reconstruction.

Today's Session: The Dead Father Fell’ – Lynching Frazier Baker, A Black Postmaster (1898) Day One