Jun. 25, 2019

Why Reparations? Day Two: The Investigation "The Killing Postmaster Frazier Baker" #joesmokeblackt

On Day 2 retelling the horrific murder of Frazier Baker and his 1-year-old daughter who was shot and killed in 1898 simply because Lake City, South Carolina white residents didn't want a black man handling their mail. Today, we recount the state and federal investigations that proceeded the murder of this federal employee. Understanding that had not Frazier Baker been a federal appointee, the murder investigation would've ended with the state inquest. You see in 1898 every black man, woman, and child in the south were living under the iron fist of segregation. Thus killing a black person by a white mob was simply a standard operating procedure for white southerners who felt that the targeted black person stepped out of line.

If you want to read the entire horrid tale of the public execution of Postmaster Frazier Baker in Lake City, South Carolina online simply visit www.thecruelwar.com. Today's reading will focus on The Investigation of the Post Office Lynching of 1898. It will include both the state's limp investigative attempt at securing justice for the family of Frazier Baker, as well as the federal investigation that actually leads to some indictments of prominent white citizens of Lake City. The reality of this situation is that reparations are in order for descendants of every black man, woman, and child who not only lived under putrid conditions in slavery but also similar conditions after slavery. Atonement is due for White America. Unless that atonement debt is paid this nation will never live up the creed that was supposedly established during the Second Founding of America after the Civil War.