Jun. 26, 2019

Why Reparations? Day 3 The Murder of Postmaster Frazier Baker: The Kangaroo Court Of Injustice

Today on Part Three of the series about the murder of Postmaster Frazier Baker of Lake City, South Carolina in 1898. We focus on the federal trial that occurred in Charleston, South Carolina. The complete series appears in the website www.thecruelwar.com which details the events on the day of the public lynching of Frazier Baker as well as the events that proceeded this act of cold, calculated murder.

This wasn't an unusual happening related to the public lynching of black Americans in southern towns. The only difference is that an actual trial took place to possibly convict those in the white mobs responsible. Had not Frazier Baker been a federal appointee his murder would've been cataloged alongside the thousands of other public lynchings of our black ancestors and recorded as deaths by means of persons unknown? The reality is that although a public trial took place the guilty parties walked out of that Charleston, South Carolina courtroom free as angry birds while the legacy that was Frazier Baker was totally destroyed without anyone receiving a hint of retribution or reparations.

Why do black descendants of this cruel system deserve reparations? Because of the fact that it is the only viable solution to gain any sense of honor for all the losses our black race has suffered.