Jun. 27, 2019

Why Reparations? The Final Installment The Utter Destruction Of Frazier Baker's Legacy

Today, I conclude reading the online history of the destruction of the legacy of Frazier Baker. Frazier Baker appointed Postmaster in Lake City, South Carolina in 1898 by President William McKinley. Because the white residents of that small town of 300 people didn't want their mail handled by a black man. Frazier Baker was publically lynch, shot and burned alive along with his 1-year-old daughter Julia. Today I will conclude reading the story of what happened to Frazier Baker's remaining offspring and his wife Luvina after the trial that allowed the guilty parties to walk free.

Please join me as I read about the final details of a family that was utterly destroyed financially, physically and emotionally due to the actions of that white mob in Lake City in 1898. If you want to view the entire story please visit www.thecruelwar.com to read all four postings. This is a snapshot of how literally 10's of millions of our ancestors were destroyed by a white supremacist system bent on the annihilation of a race of people in this nation. That is the reason why reparations aren't a gift to the descendants of those crimes but are in actuality a sacred right due for the enormous damage done to a specific race of people. Just as Martin Luther King Jr. stated so eloquently in 1963, a check was written by funds were never paid. Because the check had always been stamped insufficient funds to Americans of African Descent.‚Äč