Jul. 2, 2019

July 2, 1925 - Happy 94th Birthday - Medgar Wiley Evers

Had Medgar Evers lived he would have been celebrating his 94th Birthday today, July 2, 2019, but Medgar Evers was murdered in his driveway in Jackson, Mississippi on June 12, 1963. Today, as I celebrate Medgar Evers Day on the Black Blogger's website. I attempt to bring my words along with those of Medgar Evers to create a picture of the greatness that embodied Medgar Evers.

We sometimes in the black community look for the fantasy-driven powerful black leader in our movies. Whether that leader is the Black Panther or John Shaft that character symbolizes a man who fearlessly confronts the oppressive enemy and overcomes any obstacle to bring a sense of justice to the black community. Well, Medgar Evers was anybody's fantasy. Medgar Evers was truly an American Hero who stood face to face with the enemies of the black communities and refused to back down one iota.

The only way Medgar Evers would be silenced was if the powers of white supremacy made an unrighteous decision to murder him. Otherwise, Medgar Evers was in the battle for the long haul. Medgar Evers wouldn't give in, or be chased out of the state of his birth because of threats of harm. You see Medgar Evers had a dream that every resident of Mississippi no matter their color would be treated as equal citizens. So, this man of determination with a will and want to make that goal a reality set forth on his mission.

Today, on my blog I ask you to not forget Medgar Evers. Please don't allow that hate-filled bullet silence Medgar's life mission. Two incredibly powerful men of American heroism celebrate July 2nd as their birthdates, Medgar Evers and Thurgood Marshall. Each man attempted to deliver a better more equal society to this nation. One man had his voice silenced in a driveway in Jackson. Mississippi. The other lived a long life filled with momentous judicial accomplishments. So on my blog, I will celebrate both Medgar and Thurgood and sing to the rafters "job well done".‚Äč