Jul. 4, 2019

Stop It With This Talk Of Yellow Buses, Please!

I really didn't have a chance yet to respond to the last week's Democratic Party's Presidential debate when Kamala Harris confronted Joe Biden's past history related to his opposition of federally mandated school busing. No degree of busing, nor any legion of yellow buses filled with either black children or filled with white children is going to solve the race issue that America has faced for more than 400 years. When our African American leaders from the famous Supreme Court 1954 Brown v. Board of Education were victorious unanimously with the elimination of the racial standard of separate but equal. These leaders lead by the NAACP, SCLC, CORE, and the Urban League made a conscious decision to secure a standard of racial integration across this country. In the southern states over a period between 15-20 years federally mandated busing was the standard implemented to secure that supposed racial integration in the public school system. The major impediment in those southern states was the reality that you cannot force morality nor values on people who don't want to accept change. So the busing of school children no matter the race has proven to be an abject failure.

What last week was an emotional ploy by Kamala Harris during this debate to make Joe Biden seem to have racist motivations for declining to support federal legislation of busing. Now, Kamala Harris is backing off that position because, in reality, no mass number of buses solved the issue of racial balance in this country. Across the country today it is a known fact that public schools are more racially segregated in 2019 than these schools were as far back as 1964. America cannot bus it's way to racial equality. The race or color line is just as problematic in 2019 as it was in 1964, and in some ways further back in our nation's history. I am not a big Joe Biden supporter, nor am I a big Kamala Harris supporter. However, the reality is this if Joe Biden's racial stance against federally mandated busing in the 70s' was a huge issue. It surely would have been exposed during his recent runs with Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012. Kamala Harris wasn't uncovering any new information. I can assure you looking back many of our black leaders would've chosen a route away from forced busing to a route of equality of resources in our public schools over any process of failed integration for our black children.

I am a firm believer that had the NAACP forced the issue of true separate but equal public schools. Our black communities would've probably been further along in our educational institutions from Pre Kindergarten to Undergraduate as well as Graduate Schools. We as black communities simply gave up to much economic and educational strength by thinking that racism would be solved by forcing whites into conditions that they weren't ready to accept. Thereby forcing Plessey v. Ferguson to be implemented across the board in our communities would have been a route to reparations. So, today I will state unequivocally that no yellow bus of yellow buses has solved, or will ever solve the issues of racism that is prevalent in our nation today.

It is imperative if this country truly wants to reach a racial balance or equity across every institution. Our political leaders cannot create false emotional issues simply to draw support. Most of America's voters aren't complex enough to understand how our political candidates decide to move the approval needle. If you don't think Kamala Harris was all show for her statement related to federally mandated busing. Why did Kamala Harris back away from her position this week? This is my opinion and my opinion only. As I said eariler I am not a backer of Joe Biden, or Kamala Harris. Right now I am in the category of undecided until I hear some true solutions that will benefit our black communities. Yellow buses aren't that solution.