Jul. 7, 2019

Sunday's Provoked Thought

"I don’t mean any harm if you want to be excited about a USA women’s team winning a Gold Cup in soccer that’s cool but personally it’s simply another discretionary tactic by the 5% of the 1% to keep the majority of our country away from focusing on real issues that bring solutions to the numerous problems facing our nation. Sorry, but scoring soccer goals aren’t getting us any closer to bridging the economic, educational, and housing gaps that are prevalent in our communities today. You may have that personal momentary feeling of enthusiasm and maybe even a dose of national pride but within moments that sense of pride disappears and reality sets in you are still living in a nation that refuses to give our black communities any respect. Sorry, yes, I know that a person can focus on multiple things in your life. However, if all you really care about in life is sporting events and entertainment. You are most likely the prime example of how the diversionary strategies of this country's top 5% of the 1% are succeeding. I enjoy sporting events as much as anyone but these events will never bring about justice and equality in our communities. It that was the case the domination by black athletes in the major sports arenas of baseball, football, basketball, tennis, boxing, and track and field would have erased the disparities that still exist in our communities. That is the primary reason why you of us should indeed diversify and unleash your energies towards true social change in some meaningful matter or action." "