Jul. 9, 2019

July 9, 1893 Daniel Hale Williams Opens A Man Chest And Saves His Life This Moment In Black History

On July 9, 1893, Daniel Hale Williams performed the second open-heart​ surgical procedure in this country. Daniel Hale Williams opened Provident Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, the first black hospital for patients requiring a hospital stay. He started the first facility that trained black nurses in this nation. Daniel Hale Williams was simply a man who was ahead of his time at a period in our history where a man like those was treasured. Today, on my blog,​ I read from an article on facs.org the life of Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, who never allowed his skin color to determine his contribution to society. Even though others might have sought to minimize his contributions to the medical profession.

Daniel Hale Williams evoked Frederick Douglass’ advice to him when he started his term as surgeon-in-chief​ at Freedmen’s: “The only way you can succeed is to override the obstacles in your path,” he said. “Hope will be of no avail. By the power that is within you do what you hope to do.”