Jul. 9, 2019

Idiots, Simpletons, Fools, Ignorance Personified

The need for social media attention in this nation is absolutely out of control. Individuals are taking the top off of ice cream containers and the licking the ice cream and then placing the top back on the fouled ice cream. People are opening drink containers than spitting into the containers and placing the bottle top back on the fouled container. All of this for some aspect of gaining a viral post on Facebook, or some other social media network. The fact these acts have been encouraged because of the stupidity of mostly ignorant Americans who continue watch this nonsense in the 100,000s' and sometimes exceeding the million of times is foolish. To me, this says something is perversely wrong in our society. Because simply by watching these criminal acts that could lead to multiple health concerns tells us that a mental sickness has permeated our society for both the perpetrator and the viewers.

My question is this? Who is sicker the perpetrator or the multiple thousands upon thousands who feel the need to find some source of pleasure principle in viewing these atrocious acts? The need for social media attention has become a defining norm in our society. If only these idiots would do some research and understand the human damage they could possibly develop or foster. I can clearly remember that some individual or individuals tampered with Tylenol capsules in Chicago, Illinois back in the 80s'. People died and I don't believe the perpetrators were ever caught. The direct purpose of the Tylenol criminals was to kill and damage the Johnson and Johnson Corporation and frightened the American public. Today's idiots are not attempted to frighten the American public or cause an American corporation fiscal harm. These idiotic ignorant simpletons are simply acting out for viral recognition on some social media network or channel.

The law enforcement agencies must immediately stamp down harshly on these criminal acts to the highest degree of prosecution. This isn't fun and games it has the possibility of leading to a serious catastrophe, it left unchecked. I tell you what if they are looking to gain viral attention give it to them with viral jail sentences that include multiple thousands of days of incarceration.