Jul. 11, 2019

July 11, 1905 "The Formation Of The Niagara Movement" Guiding Principles 1905/1906

Today, on The Blackman's Blog, we look back 114 years to a meeting of 29 brave black souls who created the Niagara Movement. Men like Monroe Trotter, WEB Dubois, John Hope, Frederick McGhee, Max Barber who were refusing to go along with Booker T. Washington's philosophy of casting buckets and accepting second-class citizenship in this country.
I will revisit not only the guiding principles of the initial meeting in Niagara Falls, Canada but also the statement of purpose from the second meeting in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia in the summer of 1906. Although the Niagara Movement was disbanded in 1910. Its historical relevance was profound and longlasting. Because from the Niagara Movement the NAACP with WEB DuBois as one of that organization's founding members. In addition, the exceptional work of Boston publisher Monroe Trotter continued with his journal The Guardian.
So join me this morning as I revisit the Niagara Movement that started on July 11, 1905. The struggle for full emancipation for our black ancestors was its goal. These 29 men sought only to be treated as men and be given the rights deemed constitutional for men in this nation.‚Äč