Jul. 14, 2019

Looking Back, No Justice No Peace In This Nation July 13, 2013

This what I wrote about the outlandish, prejudice-laden, jury verdict that was rendered on July 13, 2013. I thought it would be necessary to repost this on my blog today. The 6th anniversary of that terrible miscarriage of justice.

Oh well, maybe this is the "black folks" come to Jesus moment. When reality strikes us dead in the face when it becomes crystal that no matter what our economic or social station in life. Black folks will always be considered second class citizens by some misinformed white folks in this nation in which we have contributed our blood, our sweat, and our tears. In 1968 America, the theme was love it or leave it. It was the call of the silent majority that lead to the election of Richard Nixon.

Yes, I cannot say that we haven't made strides in this nation. However for every stride forward we take, we have a Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, or a George Zimmerman, or a blind to justice state of Florida jury, or another black youth taking down another black youth for control of a fool's gold urban corner, or a young black man rapping the joys of thuggery and malice on their community while being posterized on Black Entertainment Television. BET, a station owned and operated by a black man who earns enormous profits while the message he promotes is destructively tearing down our black communities,

I'm almost 60-years-old. I have been subjected personally to the racism that is ever present in this nation. Now, this morning, July 14, 2013, many black folks are up in arms with this reality that their lives are less valuable in this nation to dead dogs. In the state of Virginia, Mike Vick, a black professional athlete was recently sentenced to 3 years in that state penitentiary for grooming dogs to fight until the death. However, in a courtroom in the state of Florida yesterday, George Zimmerman, an out of control white man on a mission to kill Trayvon Martin because he was young, black and seemingly out of place was proclaimed innocent of all charges. George Zimmerman was allowed to exit that Florida courtroom free and clear for taking a human life. Why? We sometimes ask for simpler times when life was more valued. However, for blacks in this nation, those simpler times never ever existed.