Jul. 19, 2019

The New Rules Of The Game

This is no longer a game without guidelines. It doesn’t matter whether the candidate is black, white, red, or yellow. It doesn’t matter if the candidate is democrat or republican. The new rules of our strategic game of winning is whether the candidate is responsive to the needs of our communities, period. You may fool me once, or even fool me twice but eventually I won’t be that fool. We will demand more that fool’s gold because We cannot spend fool’s gold on real needs. So understand this we in our communities are about to rise and wake up, no speak talk needed, we are demanding we solutions for a change.
Please visit my blog for today’s post. Our community need to implement the issues report card pass or fail and score our candidates for a change. We cannot allow them to create fake speak and non action. We must force real talk and concerted action, or throw those wannabe candidates out with yesterday’s garbage.