Jul. 23, 2019

July 23, 1863, The Birthdate Of Kelly Miller The Howard University Icon

Today, on the 156th birthday of an intellectual giant Professor Kelly Miller on Howard University. I will spend a few moments discussing just a few of his life achievements. Professor Kelly Miller, who was in many ways responsible for the early growth during those important beginning early years of Howard University which is located in Washington DC. Howard University has always been considered the Mecca of our black educational institutions. It was individuals such as Kelly Miller who laid the groundwork and the foundation for Howard University.

Professor Kelly Miller was a noted mathematician as well as a sociologist. Kelly Miller strove to bring about a sense of equality to our peoples during his lifetime. He never sought the limelight but he always sought human solutions to the black conditions we were caught in due to the bigotry of this nation.

​Professor Kelly Miller's lifetime contributions to the progress of our race of people could easily be overlooked. You have to understand that the magnitude of Kelly Miller's greatness was stifled not only by the white racists outside the Howard University community but also by the conditions that prevailed within the Howard University campus.

However, I refuse to allow any of our black historical greats in our black history to be forgotten. After I discuss Professor Miller's I will conclude my discussion of Professor Kelly Miller with a reading of a poem he wrote, I See And I Am Satisfied. This is my personal way of honoring his life achievement as well as diving into creative brilliance.

The Blackman Who Reads Aloud.