Jul. 23, 2019

Lay Bare My Heart

I know that James Farmer isn’t as well known as other civil rights leaders. He isn’t as well known as Martin, Malcolm, or even Medgar. Our people sometimes overlook James Farmer’s greatness or his significant contributions in our struggle for human dignity.

I also know that towards the latter part of his life he supported Reagan but he also demanded reparations when other black leaders ignored that call for restitution for the institution of slavery.

I just finished reading the first two chapters of his powerful book Lay Bare My Heart, I can get a sense how powerful James Farmer’s personal will was to gain racial equality. Yes, he was an integrationist but he also had an enormous dream that this nation could live out the full purpose of the Constitution that every man, woman, and child deserved to have the rights of citizenship no matter their race, creed, or religion. Thirty years after his death this nation is still infested with the sickness of racial bigotry. We can only reach a more perfect union by learning from those who walked the paths before. We do that by learning our history.

So please join me as I read this tremendous book that details the civil rights experience of this great black American. I will be sharing his story on Facebook Live everyday around 5:00 PM EST as I continue my journey of sharing our enriched black history while elevating the goal of black universal literacy.